About Us

Rakoma and Associates Inc. is proud to have been in been in operation since 2006. We have become a reputable service provider with a proven track record in delivering a quality service to our ever growing clientele. We have opened offices throughout the country and our services include governance, risk and compliance, assurance for audit and non-audit purposes, technology risk services and more.


Our vision is to enhance public confidence.

Our Mission

As a growing modern firm, we provide audit, accounting and consulting services. In delivering these services we seek to provide value for money, empower people and promote accountability.


It is the commitment to live out our core values; Knowledge, Ubuntu and Excellence that will help us achieve our ambitions

  • Knowledge – We have a duty and responsibility to acquire the technical knowledge essential to provide quality services to our clients.
  • Ubuntu – All our business with our stakeholders is conducted in the spirit of Ubuntu.
  • Excellence – We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of service. We will strive to achieve our ambition of being one of the leading professional services organisations in the country by focusing on the need to develop and empower our people and entrenching the values of the company.