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Trainee Accounting Opportunities

To see how we are able to help you reach your career goals, contact us on the link below.

What's it like to work at Rakoma?

At Rakoma you will receive the opportunity to grow to your full potential. We support big dreams and help you reach them. You have the freedom to grow with us and enhance your skills. 

The culture is relaxed, where people work hard but can enjoy building relationships with each other along the way. Enjoy an inclusive, supportive culture with many opportunities for experience and growth.

For more information on available career opportunities please scroll to the bottom of the page.


Our Values

Element 10


We have a duty and responsibility to acquire the technical knowledge essential to provide quality services to our clients.

Element 12


We pride ourselves in producing the highest quality of services by focusing on the need to develop and empower our people and entrenching the values of the company.

Element 11


All our business with our stakeholders is conducted in the spirit of Ubuntu.

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